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Week 12 - Putting it all together

Now that you've delved into the individual aspects of FRC robot programming, it's time to consolidate that knowledge. In this lesson, we're going to construct a robot that comprises multiple subsystems and functionalities.

Robot Description

  1. Tank Drive: Allows the robot to move forwards, backwards, and turn using two motor controllers.
  2. Pivoting Arm: Moves up and down using a motor. Has specific set positions.
  3. Claw: Positioned at the end of the arm, it opens and closes using a solenoid.


  1. Consolidate the above code into a functional robot program.
  2. Organize the code using the Command-Based framework. Separate each functional part (Tank Drive, Pivoting Arm, Claw) into their respective subsystems and commands.
  3. Enhance the code by adding safety features (e.g., make sure the arm doesn't pivot beyond its physical constraints).
  4. Test the robot in a simulated environment.
  5. Add multiple autonomous modes to your robot